Vision 2030

Egypt Vision 2030 is a national agenda launched in February 2016 that reflects the state’s long-term strategic plan to achieve sustainable development principles and objectives in all areas. The vision will be adopted by the various Egyptian state agencies. Egypt Vision 2030 is based on the principles of ‘comprehensive sustainable development’ and ‘balanced regional development’. Egypt Vision 2030 reflects the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social, and environmental dimensions. Believing that the strategies are living documents, Egypt decided to update its sustainable development agenda at the beginning of 2018 with the participation of all stakeholders from development partners to keep pace with changes in the local, regional and global context. The second version of Egypt Vision 2030 was keen to make the vision an inspiring vision that explains how the Egyptian contribution will serve the UN agenda, and how it will serve that global context. The updated vision focuses on addressing and overlap of all issues from the perspective of the three dimensions of sustainable development: environmental, economic and social dimensions. It is a comprehensive and coherent vision consisting of sectoral strategies for various government agencies. Egypt Vision 2030 focuses on improving the quality of life of the Egyptian citizens and improving their standard of living in various aspects of life by ensuring the consolidation of the principles of justice, social inclusion and the participation of all citizens in political and social life, in conjunction with high, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, enhancing investment in human beings, and building their creativity by promoting increased knowledge, innovation and scientific research in all areas. Egypt Vision 2030 gives significance for addressing the impacts of climate change through an integrated and sustainable ecosystem that enhances resilience and ability to face natural hazards. The vision also focuses on the governance of state institutions and society through administrative reform, consolidating transparency, support for monitoring and evaluation systems and empowerment of local administrations. All these objectives come within the framework of ensuring Egyptian peace and security and strengthening Egyptian leadership regionally and internationally.